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Evangelical Alliance of South Sudan




Delegates pose for a picture at the end of the EASS General Assembly in Yei South Sudan

The Evangelical Community in South Sudan met in Yei, South Sudan, to hold their 1st General Assembly since its inception at a conference in Mukono, Uganda in 2004. It was then legally known as the Sudan Evangelical Alliance (SEA) with Bishop Elias Taban as President.

Through the support of Tear Fund under the guidance and facilitation of the Association of Evangelicals in Africa (AEA) the Alliance had a successful three day conference/General Assembly, with over 60 religious leaders drawn from almost 20 churches and ministries. For AEA, this was an opportunity to push its Church empowerment agenda in South Sudan and to foster Evangelical unity in Africa’s newest State.

From Left to Right: AEA treasurer, Mrs. Emily chengo, Mayoress of Yei, Mama Cicilia Oba and AEA General Secretary, Rev. Aiah Foday Khabenje at theOpening Ceremony of the Assembly

AEA General Secretary, Rev. Aiah Foday Khabenje, accompanied by the AEA Treasurer, Mrs. Emily Chengo, dedicated the first two days of the conference to envisioning the local Church leaders on the need for an evangelical platform in the nation and as a means for mobilising the local church for integral mission.

The final day was the business session of the alliance to reorganize, appoint new leaders and chart the way forward. Many important decisions were made including a name change of the alliance; from Sudan Evangelical Alliance (SEA) to Evangelical Alliance of South Sudan (EASS).

Newly elected officials of EASS, from right to left: Bishop Michael Taban (Chair of New Sudan Council of Churches and overseer of SPC), Bishop Elias Taban of EPC and President of EASS, New GS of EASS Bishop Archangelo Lemi Wani of AIC, and Rev. Levi Lukodi Noah-Director Christian Leadership Institute

The assembly also voted in Bishop Elias Taban of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church as President and Bishop Michael Taban of the Sudan Pentecostal Church as Vice President of EASS. Bishop Arkanjelo Wani of the AIC Church was elected General Secretary of EASS. The complete executive committee was elected, including three women leaders.

It was agreed that EASS headquarters will be moved from Yei to Juba, the capital city, for greater visibility and access.  

Rev. Aiah Foday-Khabenje held that churches must be united in order to unite political leaders and the two leadership levels must work together for the welfare of the citizens and development.

He urged the delegates to support the leaders of the EASS who have just been given legitimacy by the delegates in the Assembly. He said, “Churches are diverse and this diversity should be seen as strength because unity in diversity is ordained by God. God gives each person unique qualities which should be used to enhance unity. The churches should understand this principle and be examples and cornerstones of unity.”