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VISION:  A transformational cp movement among all peoples of Southeast Asia so these peoples will join us in in the glorious privilege of worshipping Christ and in fulfilling the Great Commission regionally and globally.

MISSION:  Connecting the Body of Christ’s people, churches, organizations, and resources together to serve and reach the Southeast Asia UPGs more effectively.


  • Relationship/Networking Forum seeking to serve
    • “UPG focused” SEAsia Country, Regional or People Group Networks
    • Any believers/leaders who share a passion to serve SEAsia UPGs.
  • Collect and Share UPG Information and Ministry Status
  • Examine and strategize about ideas & method for serving UPGs.
  • Share experience & wisdom & ideas about church mobilization.
  • Mutually enhance & expand church mobilization efforts in our various countries
  • Provide “bridging” opportunities by which more workers can be sent among UPGs within SEAsia and beyond
  • Provide more effective means for communication across country and regional lines and between focus groups.
  • Facilitate special focus groups around specialized interests (Research, Prayer, Mobilization, etc.) and ministry roles (pastors, trainers, network leaders, field workers, etc.).
  • An “Entry” and “Connection” Network for churches and ministries from outside SEAsia interested in serving SEAsia UPG groups (NOT a gatekeeper network).
  • A collective, credible, visionary, strategic, advocating voice for SEAsia UPGs and persecuted church
Beram Kumar