Linking Global Voices serves the global missions community by focusing on the unique role of networks.
We live in an unprecedented period of mission history. The new paradigm of “from anywhere to everywhere” is by nature complex, resulting in an increasing need to partner with others for effective ministry. Networks are a strategic tool for ministry leaders navigating the complexities of the globalized world of missions. Mission minded churches and agencies are developing their "network engagement strategy". Healthy networks facilitate the sharing of resources and are constantly birthing partnerships.  

Networks serve a unique role by facilitating the interconnecting of ministries and individuals both locally and globally. There are networks that are by nature restricted to specific geographic regions and others that intentionally focus on a specific issue. In some situations, a ministry or an event effectively serves as a network. In cases where there is no network addressing a specific issue, a representative ministry might be mentioned. Linking Global Voices attempts to feature networks that encourage global engagement. This site tracks approximately 500 networks globally. 

Services Offered to Networks and Network Leaders:
The information shared on this site provides the framework from which we assist network leaders around the world. Each network is unique and has its own challenges. Linking Global Voices provides services intended to strengthen a network's capacity to serve their clients more effectively. Network leaders are able to access from Linking Global Voices:
  • information as to how other networks manage such things as financial sustainability, services offered 'between events', network structures, network leadership models, etc.
  • a global map and Excel listing of other networks globally  
  • a calendar of network events from around the world 
  • assistance in developing strategic relationships between networks. These network to network relationships could be between geographic networks (Argentina with North Africa) or between a geographic network and an issue specific network (Argentina & Buddhism Ministries).   
The map, calendar, and network listings can be imported into your website and offered as part of your service to your constituency. To discuss this option, network leaders may communicate directly with us via eporter(at)LinkingGlobalVoices(dot)com

Security Considerations
The information on this site is almost all readily available through each network's website. In those cases where a network has no website (for security reasons) we offer to broker an introduction after identities are verified.   

Note that Linking Global Voices in no way endorses all the networks referred to in this site. If you have a particular concern about one of them or if you know of a network that is not mentioned, please share that with us by writing to eporter(at)LinkingGlobalVoices(dot)com

Global Map - Identifying Geographically Defined Networks

Calendar of Events of Global Interest

Global & Regional Networks 

Country Level Networks

Issue Specific Networks