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Abortion Related Ministries

We are not aware of a global network of anti-abortion ministries.  If you know of one please contact us <eporter(at)> with the details.  Below are some ministries that various individuals have recommended and which could provide orientation and resources regarding the issue.  Not all of those listed would be considered "strictly evangelical".

Care Net supports more than 1100 affiliate pregnancy centers across North America. Pregnancy centers have been widely noted as the "kind, calm, nonjudgmental" face of the pro-life movement (TIME, 2008). Our affiliate pregnancy centers are faith-based organizations with deep roots in their communities. Each center empowers women and men facing unplanned pregnancies with practical help, emotional support, and information about their pregnancy options.  
(primarily a North America network of pregnancy centers.)

We are an evangelical Christian organization that multiplies healthy, Christ-centered, life-giving ministries wherever abortion is provided worldwide. The primary purpose of these ministries is to see people come to new life in Christ and pre-born lives saved from abortion.
(they have members from different countries around the world)

Heartbeat International works to inspire and equip Christian communities worldwide to rescue women and couples from abortion through the development of neighborhood pregnancy help centers, maternity homes, and adoption services. These ministries provide life-saving help in a truly life-changing way by assisting women who are at risk for abortion with the life-affirming, practical support they need to choose life, then prepare them to parent or to place for adoption. Heartbeat serves as the leadership supply line for the Pregnancy HELP Movement worldwide.

Mission statement
Life Matters Worldwide helps the Body of Christ articulate the biblical pro-life message in word and deed.
Vision statement
To see local churches all over the world engaged in compassionate sanctity of human life ministry as they fulfill the Great Commission.