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The Think Tank has opened up an unprecedented forum for discussion, collaboration and networking on business as mission, amongst practitioners and thought-leaders from around the world. In order to invigorate and strengthen this movement we aim to: Listen, Learn, Share, Connect, Recommend
The International Coalition of Workplace Ministries (ICWM) is a coalition of workplace believers who want to encourage and unite leaders by inspiring, connecting, and equipping them for transformation of the workplace for Christ.
ICWM exists to… help leaders of organizations and workplace ministries transform workplaces, cities, and nations for Jesus Christ and to provide resources, information and networking to organizations that are also called to this mission.

The Lausanne Business as Mission (BAM) issue network asks the question, ‘How can we shape business for God and for good—among all peoples?’

We have had two global think tank processes: Global BAM think tank #1 (2002-2004) and #2 (2011-2014).

B4T (Business for Transformation) is specifically defined as a business located amongst unreached people groups with the express goals of being profitable and emphasizing evangelism, church planting, and discipleship. This is a double bottom line approach that integrates all aspects of business.

Nexus focuses specifically on B4T. This means we work with both individuals, churches and agencies who desire to work cross-culturally in business for the purposes of seeing kingdom communities established among unreached peoples.

OPEN is the largest Business for Transformation (B4T) practitioner network in the world.
OPEN operates like the internet. We are a flexible, multifaceted, multi-ethnic network. We have found that together we can share our experiences and techniques to become more effective followers of Jesus so that we may yield greater glory to His name in the marketplace. We seek to encourage and model Christlikeness in every aspect of our lives and work. With gentleness and respect we work to share the hope that has been given to us. Our identity as members of Jesus' body and His command to love one another is foundational to our network.

TI exists to promote and facilitate tentmaking movement across the world and to provide a forum for networking