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Buddhism Ministries

Generally, two centuries of evangelical Christianity’s engagement with the Buddhist world have resulted in less than five percent of Buddhist heartlands (Japan, Thailand, Myanmar, Taiwan, Cambodia, Tibet, and Sri Lanka) coming to Christ. There is also a resurgence of Buddhism in former communist countries such as China, Vietnam, and Laos. Nevertheless, we are encouraged that a significant minority of Christian churches are now established in these Buddhist countries who are witnessing among Buddhist peoples.

VISION: A transformational cp movement among all peoples of Southeast Asia so these peoples will join us in in the glorious privilege of worshipping Christ and in fulfilling the Great Commission regionally and globally.
MISSION: Connecting the Body of Christ’s people, churches, organizations, and resources together to serve and reach the Southeast Asia UPGs more effectively.
SEANET Background: At a 1996 Indo China meeting in Anaheim CA, Steve Spaulding, Alex Smith and Dr Duc (Vietnam) discussed the need for a structure that would suit the broader Buddhist World. A couple of years later in November 1998 Steve, Alex and Jim Morris implemented their joint vision for launching a network for reaching the wide spectrum of Buddhists. Plans were initiated to gather national church leaders, missionaries, missiologists, pastors and theologians. With host Alan Johnson (Thailand) and others, an initial general gathering of like-minds was organized for early 1999. We invited sixty delegates from twenty nations; half were indigenous leaders/workers. Thirty-five attended this initial Bangkok gathering.