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Welcome to the home page of the Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN), a ministry dedicated to the care of God's creation. EEN seeks to equip, inspire, disciple, and mobilize God's people in their effort to care for God's creation. We believe that creation care is truly a matter of life and that pollution harms the vulnerable, especially children and the unborn. We believe the body of Christ should be an example of what God's people can do in the world to solve some of the great challenges of our time. Founded in 1993, our ministry is grounded in the Bible's teaching on the responsibility of God's people to "tend the garden" through a faithful walk with our Lord Jesus Christ. Based in the scriptures, EEN publishes and develops material for churches, ministries, families, and individuals to use as they seek to know the Lord more fully, especially his care for all that he has made.

As an organization committed to love for God, love for God’s people and love for God’s creation, Care of Creation will seek to advance this mission:“Our mission is to pursue a God-centered response to environmental challenges that brings glory to the Creator, advances the cause of Christ, and leads to a transformation of the people and the land that sustains them.”
Our response to environmental issues is centered on God. — You may have a lot of reasons for wanting to do something about the environment: You see the destruction of wildlife and landscape and that is tragic to you… you care about your own health, and maybe that of your kids… you’re a grandparent, and you’d like the grandkids – and their kids – to have a world of beauty to live and play in.These are all good reasons to care about our damaged world. But the most important reason of all is because God created this world, and placed us in it to care for it.

‘Creation Care and the Gospel’ was the topic of the first Lausanne Global Consultation held after the Cape Town Congress. This gathering in November 2012 of 50 people from 26 countries produced a signature document, the Jamaica Call to Action, that has to date been signed online by more than 500 people from many different countries. The Jamaica Call to Action is a series of specific ‘calls’ based on two convictions. First, it affirms The Cape Town Commitment’s statement that creation care is indeed a ‘gospel issue’ that cannot be separated from our call to evangelize the world, ‘an integral part of our mission and an expression of our worship to God’. Second, it recognizes that the environmental crisis in the world today is ‘pressing, urgent, and . . . must be resolved in our generation’.

The Lausanne Senior Associate for Creation Care, Ed Brown, is coordinating a global movement based on the Jamaica Call to Action, linking individuals, churches, environmental organizations, and relief and development organizations to mobilize the global church for creation care.