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Ethics, Peace & Justice

Let us rise up as the Church worldwide to fight the evil of human trafficking, and to speak and act prophetically to ‘set the prisoners free’. This must include addressing the social, economic and political factors that feed the trade. The world’s slaves call out to the global Church of Christ, ‘Free our children. Free our women. Be our voice. Show us the new society that Jesus promised.’ The Cape Town Commitment II-B-3I-7-C

Religious Liberty Commission (RLC)

The Religious Liberty Commission is monitoring the religious liberty situation in more than 100 nations, defending persecuted Christians, informing the global church, challenging the Church to pray( ) and giving all possible assistance to those who are suffering. The Commission also makes fact finding trips and meets with governments and ambassadors speaking up for the suffering brothers and sisters. At the United Nations the Commission reports about the situation and arranges special hearings with Christians from countries under pressure.

We are an international Network for Peace & Reconciliation of the worldwide movement of 650 Million Evangelical Christians in 129 countries and all continents of the world. We encourage, motivate and train evangelical Christians for Peace building and conflict resolution in their respected local communities and beyond.