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The Lausanne Proclamation Evangelism issue network exists to encourage and support the work of proclamation evangelists around the world by:

  • Modeling biblical evangelism through partnering evangelists with churches in any given location to conduct effective community missions.
  • Encouraging and supporting proclamation evangelists in their ministry and calling.
  • Providing training in evangelism for pastors and church leaders to better understand the calling of the evangelist and how it applies to the church.
  • Organizing regional conferences to impart the vision for evangelism and teach how to organize stratified evangelistic outreaches in cities and towns.
  • Heightening the profile of proclamation evangelism within the Lausanne Movement.

The Lausanne Movement has consistently encouraged Jewish evangelism. As one result, the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism (LCJE) started in 1980, and is now the longest functioning issue network in the Lausanne Movement. Evangelization of Jewish people speaks directly to the uniqueness of Christ for salvation even when cultural resistance to the message is present. Thinking in regard to the gospel and Jewish people has implications for evangelization of all other peoples, especially those from non-Christian culture groups.