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Information Technology
The Global Christian Internet Alliance is an international network of Christian ministries using the Internet to help fulfill the Great Commission. GCIA's mission is to provide convenient access to quality Christian Internet resources in all the major languages of the world.

Internet Evangelism Day exists to help Christians understand the huge and growing potential to share the good news of Jesus through digital media.

ICCM focuses on building a community of relationships, providing a relaxed forum for people to meet personally and to share ideas, opportunities and experiences, information and expertise, to help us all better use our God-given gifts and skills in His service.

The International Internet Strategic Alliance (IISA) is dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practical implementation of digital technologies. IISA aims to provide a highly professional and comparative research that promotes collaborative excellence between technology users and those who develop and implement digital technology. 
IISA promotes research for collaboration, e-learning, social networking, information security and Internet communication through shared research papers that encompass conceptual analysis, design implementation and performance evaluation of these topics. is global international network of more than 50 Christian organizations and ministries who are engaged in evangelism and discipleship on the Internet. strives to make the Gospel freely accessible on the Internet for every single person in the world. Every few seconds a person in the world makes the decision to know Jesus on one of the websites.

The Mobile Ministry Forum (MMF) is a coalition of ministries working towards the goal of giving every unreached person a chance to encounter Christ and His kingdom in a compelling, contextualized fashion through their personal mobile device by 2020.
The World Evangelical Alliance Information Technology Commission has been established to apply technology for dissemination of information and sharing of resource within the WEA constituency and throughout the greater evangelical Church.