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Leadership Development

Leadership development is an important aspect of personal and societal transformation. It engages people in changing systems, structures, and people. Leadership development should not be confined inside church walls but should go beyond so that the gospel will be carried out in the marketplace. We will not succeed in world evangelization when we do not think deeply about strategies to use for reaching out to professionals and different influential groups who can impact the lives of many with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Leadership Development network of HFE aims to connect players in the field of leadership development in Europe for the purpose of sharing journeys and discoveries, pooling awareness, and building and strengthening personal relationships.
The network aims to stimulate reflection by Christian leaders through brainstorming on trends, needs and strengths, and to explore possibilities for partnership and cooperation.
The Middle East Women’s Leadership Network helps women become world-class leaders by creating media for their mission. Launched in 2013, we gather women for networking, training, mentoring and collaborative purposes. We build relationships to leverage our talents and resources. We convene women change agents, encourage collaborative partnerships and challenge them to create a practical plan for media engagement. As result of our network gatherings, trainings, mentoring and follow up efforts, several collaborative media related projects have emerged for the Middle East.