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EMDC is a multi-agency consultation that meets alternately in Asia and Europe.
Minority language workers in the Eurasia region meet with media specialists
(Radio, TV, Internet, Mobile, Social Media), IT Technicians, recording specialists,
graphic artists, digital publishers and specialists in Orality and Ethno-Arts.

The Visual Story Network is a global community of visual storytellers leading a movement so everyone can encounter Jesus and His kingdom. We do this as we...
1. Connect visual storytellers with one another.
2. Collaborate on projects, products, & partnerships.
3. Train new storytellers.

Our Vision
That people might hear and understand God's Word in their heart language, especially those who are oral communicators and those who do not have Scriptures in a form they can access.
Our Mission
In partnership with the church, to effectively communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ by means of culturally appropriate audio and audio-visual materials in every language.
CEVMA is a community of committed Christians in film, television, graphic arts and new media from all across Europe, sharing experiences and encouraging one another. Some of the people involved in CEVMA work strictly in the secular world as writers, producers, directors, cameramen, web designers, composers, set designers, actors, photographers, etc., others are serving in the religious field. CEVMA is also very open to welcoming students!
The media dominates our world. It is part of virtually every society on every continent. It is the primary way in which news and stories travel. It is by far the most important channel for ideas to spread. It shapes every aspect of human experience, from our sense of identity to our views on the biggest challenges facing humanity. The Lausanne Media Engagement issue network is helping the global church to engage with media in three main areas, as highlighted in The Cape Town Commitment.