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Missions: Member Care

The Global Member Care Network (GMCN) exists to resource, equip and connect internationally all Christian practitioners of member care at any level.
It is a professional community in which mutual learning, training and sharing can take place.
It is committed to developing the member care profession by setting high standards, advancing the kingdom of God and glorifying His name.
Resourcing the European missions community - linking member care professionals with places, ministries and resources.

Member Care Southern Africa is a missions support organisation, involved in the care of missionaries.

Mobile Member Care Team (MMCT) is a cooperative, inter-agency service that provides training, consultation, counseling, crisis response, and referral for cross-cultural workers. We have regional teams based in West and East Africa as well as a new team forming that will serve North Africa, Middle East, and Central Asia. Our strategy is to proactively build member care competencies, develop community relationships, and enhance resilience and health so that workers will care for each other and demonstrate the love of Christ.