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Missiology (Missiological Societies)
The American Society of Missiology is an inclusive and diverse professional association made up of members from Independent (Evangelical, Pentecostal, etc.), Conciliar, and Roman Catholic communions of the Christian church. This unique make up of our membership provides a dynamic and lively exchange of ideas, issues, and scholarship focused on the church's call to participate in God's mission to the world.

The Asian Society of Missiology (ASM), in cooperation with the Asian Center for Theological Studies and Mission (ACTS), convened a Strategic Mission Forum at SaRang Community Church Ministry Center in Ansung, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. For three days, fifty-eight missiologists and mission practitioners (54 Asians, 4 non-Asians) and another thirty invitees and special observers grappled with the theme “Discern what is right.” (Luke 12:57) Eleven presentations with their respective responses and two special lectures were made by emerging and veteran missiologists and practitioners.

Ser referência nacional na formação holística de missionários, primando pela excelência e renovação contínua. 
A missão da APMB é gerar e disponibilizar conhecimento e cooperação entre formadores de missionários do Brasil: Promovendo rede de contatos, informações e relacionamento; Aperfeiçoando tais formadores.
The Association of Professors of Mission was formed in 1952 and was the founding organization for the American Society of Missiology in 1972. Among the many resources you will find on their Web site are a library of mission course syllabi, a listing of mission programs in North America, and research resources.

The APM and ASM maintain their historical ties as they meet conjointly every year in the Chicago area.
We are a professional society with more than 350 members comprised of missiologists, mission administrators, teachers, pastors with strategic missiological interests, and students of missiology.
The Evangelical Missiological Society (EMS) exists to advance the cause of world evangelization. We do this through study and evaluation of mission concepts and strategies from a biblical perspective with a view to commending sound mission theory and practice to churches, mission agencies, and schools of missionary training around the world. We hold an annual National Conference and eight regional meetings held throughout the USA and Canada.

The International Association for Mission Studies is an international, interconfessional and interdisciplinary professional society for the scholarly study of Christian witness and its impact in the world and the related field of intercultural theology.

After some preliminary meetings, IAMS was inaugurated in Driebergen, The Netherlands, in 1972. Since then, every four years an international conference has been held on the different continents. There are now more than 400 scholars who are members of IAMS as well as over 50 institutions that are corporate members.