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Missions: Global Networks

Please Note:  Many of the missions related networks are restricted to a specific region or country and so can be found under either "Global & Regional Networks" or "Country Networks".
Serving as an official commission within the World Evangelical Alliance, the Mission Commission is an international and inter-generational community of global mission leaders pro-actively reflecting on shared issues in order to advance God's mission.
In order to gain the maximum leverage in its work, the WEA Mission Commission strategically serves the global mission community as manifested in mission movements, networks and mission structures in order that they in turn can effectively serve their own constituencies.
Faith2Share is an international network of mission movements ( agencies, churches, associations and groups) who share a common vision for Christian mission and make a commitment to fulfil this vision together rather than alone.
The Global Network of Mission Structures (GNMS) was initiated by the late Dr. Ralph Winter and organized by a group of mission strategists in 2005 for the purpose of bringing together mission agencies from every sending country in the world to cooperate more effectively in finishing the task of reaching the remaining least-reached peoples. Its first assignment was to plan for a follow up consultation to Edinburgh 1910 and 1980, which is scheduled for May 11-14th in 2010.

This is the new name for what was called the Third World Mission Association (TWMA). We are not aware of a website or plans for this group.