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Muslim Ministries
The CNMM is a network that was formed and operated on the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada's (EFC) ministry partnerships platform, and is now affiliated with the EFC as an independent ministry organization under the administration of Outreach Canada. It consists of volunteers from organizations and denominations across Canada. All of its' city networks are organized locally and are under local leadership. National leadership is provided by a coordinating executive who come from a wide variety of provinces and backgrounds.

There is a "Secure" Network on Muslim Focused Ministries
There is security conscious network of various ministries serving in Muslim context. Recognized networks and organization leaders may establish contact with this group by communicating first with  info(at)LinkingGlobalVoices(dot)com
In 2010 Muslims constituted more than a quarter of the world’s population (23.4%) and is expected to increase by about 35% by 2030. 97% of the world Muslim population and about 65% of Christians live in the majority world or Global South. It can be said that Islam poses the greatest challenge for a number of reasons and Muslims remain the largest single unreached people group.

COMMA is a coalition of Christian agencies that network together to reach and disciple Muslims in North America.

Mahabba helps everyday Christians engage positively with Muslims, by facilitating opportunities to pray, increase understanding of Muslims and Islam and get equipped to share Jesus with Muslims locally.

We have a network of 40 local prayer groups in multiple cities around the UK, and partner across church denominations to work in unity to break down fear and equip people locally.