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To influence the Body of Christ to make disciples of all oral learners.
Mission Statement
Seeking to radically influence the way oral preference learners are evangelized and discipled in every people group.- See more at:

The Visual Story Network is a global community of visual storytellers leading a movement so everyone can encounter Jesus and His kingdom. We do this as we...
1. Connect visual storytellers with one another.
2. Collaborate on projects, products, & partnerships.
3. Train new storytellers.
CEVMA is a community of committed Christians in film, television, graphic arts and new media from all across Europe, sharing experiences and encouraging one another. Some of the people involved in CEVMA work strictly in the secular world as writers, producers, directors, cameramen, web designers, composers, set designers, actors, photographers, etc., others are serving in the religious field. CEVMA is also very open to welcoming students!