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Integral is a global alliance of 19 Christian relief and development agencies, working together to present a more effective response to poverty worldwide. Integral's goal is to see holistic transformation for more poor people, through providing collaborative opportunities for its Members in the areas of Disaster Management and Collaboration and Innovation. 
Integral Members work in 85 countries, across 30 sectors, resource more than 1100 projects and have a joint annual turnover of over US$684 million.

Our vision: A world free from extreme poverty
Our mission: A global voice on poverty for the Church. We aim to educate, inspire and mobilise Christians to bring impact on issues of poverty and injustice.
PovertyCure exists to facilitate the global conversation on poverty and equip its participants with resources that promote lasting, enterprise-based solutions that affirm the role of individuals and families in turning around their situations. Every human bears the image of God – and we’re committed to support our network partners as they work to release that divine spark in communities around the world.

What is Live58?
We serve a holy, loving and just God. He is inviting us into his great, costly expedition of transformation in the world – but we must respond. Pursuing justice and caring for the poor are not optional for Christians. They are central to the heart of God and ought to be integral to the way we think, pray, act, hope, believe, work, spend, live, and love. Live58 is a growing network of pastors and leaders working together through a vibrant peer-to-peer network equipping and empowering the Church to live the True Fast of Isaiah 58. As a transformational community of people, we yearn for the Church to live out the full gospel message. We share the good news of Jesus in both word and deed. We serve together as a worldwide alliance of Christ followers in unprecedented unity with our families and friends, in our neighborhoods and communities and with people around the world.