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Today this event draws Christians worldwide to a united, global prayer meeting. The 30-Days of Prayer for the Muslim World prayer guide is produced in many languages each Ramadan and distributed from regional offices around the world. Millions of Christians have joined together in prayer, across denominations, languages and cultures to pray for the Muslim world since we began. As a result, a wave of mission mobilisation and Muslim mission awareness is occurring across the globe.
To connect praying Christians with up to date local and global prayer needs & existing prayer resources, in order to honor God’s call that Christians should petition Him for the needs of this World.
International Prayer Connect is a coalition of more than 3,000 Christian prayer networks and organisations who share a common vision to mobilise and equip worldwide prayer for the blessing, healing and transformation of the nations.
Jericho Walls is an interdenominational Christian prayer ministry that is committed to building a strong, broad-based prayer network to support the Church to fulfil its calling as a “house of prayer for the nations”.
Christian education played an important role in China before the Communist Party took power in 1949 and abolished all Christian schools. However, with the steady increase of the church over the last three decades, the place of Christian education is growing again in importance and influence.
The government currently asserts a legal monopoly on curriculum in grades 1-9. Christian parents are seeking ways to supplement that, but the high time demands on their children make additional study difficult. Some have started to home school or open small private schools, but that decision makes it most unlikely that the children will qualify for university.
Our hope is that this calendar will give you a way to pray strategically, comprehensively and specifically for Christian educators, parents, and students and that your prayers will bring about transformation in China to the glory of our God. is a website dedicated to encouraging prayer for the nation and people of Iran. As well as highlighting special prayer needs, the site provides 40 subjects for prayer to help you and your church pray intelligently for Iran. Simply click on one of the 40 links to take you to a page which will help you learn about the subject and guide you in praying.Each page has a slide show with images from Iran accompanied by some Persian worship music to help you intercede.
MENA is a term that refers to the region of the Middle East and North Africa, which encompasses the Arabic speaking world, but also is home to several other languages.
We desire the glory of Christ that once shone forth from the vanished churches of these lands to shine forth once again through vibrant victorious churches established among each of the people groups in the region. We work in cooperation with nationals and expatriates in North Africa and around the world to make the needs of God’s Kingdom in North Africa known to Christians everywhere.
Ser una red unida en intercesión por Uruguay y las naciones.
Una Red de líderes y movilizadores de misiones, capaz de entender la realidad de la iglesia hispana y la necesidad de los pueblos no alcanzados en el mundo; siendo un puente entre ellos y colaborando integralmente en la capacitación y equipamiento de la iglesia local para que ésta cumpla su rol misionero en el mundo.
SEAPC is a global community established to network individuals from around the globe into one focused goal.
We believe that as we go out into the world and ask God to make a way for us to help others find fulfillment through Jesus Christ and purpose in their daily lives that He will honor that and create the channels to accomplish it.
This global community dedicates itself to spending time in communicating through prayer, training leaders, sharing our faith with others, and reaching the needs of children around the world.
Linking prayer networks and ministries together across the borders of Europe for reports, mutual encouragement and corporate strategy