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The massive resources of Africa's Youth and the dynamic tool of Sports working together constitute a significant contribution to finishing the task of World Evangelization by reaching countries and communities with the Gospel. AEA YSC has been able to reach these objectives through:

  • Communication. To communicate a culturally unique media through the youth & sports ministry.
  • Coordination. To coordinate strategic opportunities such as major sporting events.
  • Congregation. To congregate the body of Jesus Christ, the church and parachurch for cooperative efforts.
  • Cultivation. To cultivate the local Church's initiative in building up local church youth and Sports ministries, offering training and also equipping them.

Benefits of a Youth and Sports Ministry:
  1. Helps the Church accomplish her goals.
  2. Enhances other ministries.
  3. Provides a culturally relevant evangelism tool.
  4. Reaches unreached people.
  5. Creates an entry-level for service.
  6. Attracts and keeps young people upright.
  7. Opens opportunity for leadership training.
  8. Helps church missions efforts.
  9. Promotes body life.
  10. It is cost effective.