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Theological Education
A searchable multi-lingual database of evangelical Bible colleges - and pastoral, theological and missionary training programs,
courses and resources world-wide - to help you find the training you need to serve the Lord.
ICETE is a global community, sponsored by nine regional associations of theological schools, to enable international interaction and collaboration among all those concerned for the enhancement of evangelical theological education worldwide.
Encouraging theologians to develop a biblical theology of hope to guide 21st century believers, particularly leaders in church and society, a hope anchored in the revealed future but lived out in the present reality.
Called. Trained. Multiplied. captures the essence and uniqueness of Overseas Council’s world-changing ministry. Overseas Council targets leaders who are called by God to make a difference in the Majority World where the Church is growing fastest or against formidable odds. These men and women are biblically trained in God’s Word within the context of their local culture in order to be most effective. Through these leaders’ lifetimes of ministry, God’s Kingdom is multiplied in a perpetual cycle of conversion and growth, person by person, small group by small group, community by community.
In faithfulness to Christ and in order to serve the Church, theTheological Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance exists to provide 
international theological reflection on issues of importance affecting the church and society everywhere.
Our vision is to be a prophetic Evangelical voice that is globally representative, faithful to Scripture, 
theologically informed and which speaks with clarity and relevance to both the church and the world.
The World Evangelical Theological Institute Association (WETIA) is a non-profit organization linking a global network of evangelical theological 
colleges and seminaries through the application of information technology.
As a research and service organization, WETIA also supports a variety of educational and professional development needs of the 
evangelical higher learning community with tools to create and deploy online learning programs.

Increase aims to help encourage and resource non-residential, church-based training programmes, including TEE programmes.

Our vision is for every believer to be a disciple, and every disciple an active servant for Jesus wherever they live and work.

Our vision is to help local churches equip all Christ’s followers for mission and ministry in their context.

Our vision is to help meet the huge need to equip and empower local church leaders.

Increase aims to support national and local organisations already doing nonformal church-based training, while stimulating them to strive towards excellence and appropriate innovation. Increase is a servant organization, led and governed by an international committee active as practitioners and advisors with non-residential training programmes.