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The WEA Commission on Women's Concerns (CWC) is a global network of compassionate and visionary women seeking to identify and address the unique needs of women around the world. CWC provides, through WEA, an internationally respected voice and platform for women of the church globally.

CWC endeavours to partner with other international women's organizations for the benefit of women world-wide. Examples of organizations include ENTRUST (Europe), Women of Global Action (Africa), KNOW YOUR BIBLE (South Pacific), European Freedom Network (EFN) and others.

PACWA exists as the women’s commission of AEA to empower women to become all that God made them to be and encourage their full participation in every sphere of life as individuals, in families, in the church and in society. Empowerment is effected through evangelism and discipleship, adult education programs and training in holistic ministry and practical skills which include spiritual, physical, social and economic dimensions. PACWA is passionate about restoring the true dignity and self worth of women who have been victims to gender based violence and abuse. Through advocacy and active engagement with the media and communities, PACWA seeks to see policies, social structures and leaders that favor justice, equity and social-economic development for all.

The Middle East Women’s Leadership Network helps women become world-class leaders by creating media for their mission. Launched in 2013, we gather women for networking, training, mentoring and collaborative purposes. We build relationships to leverage our talents and resources. We convene women change agents, encourage collaborative partnerships and challenge them to create a practical plan for media engagement. As result of our network gatherings, trainings, mentoring and follow up efforts, several collaborative media related projects have emerged for the Middle East.