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The National Network of Youth Ministries desires to step out and work alongside other caring adults locally and nationally to reach our precious young people for Jesus Christ.
The purpose of NNYM is to unite youth workers and national ministries to reach teenagers.
Networking means leveraging our efforts - working together. And “together” means all of us - youth workers, teenage leaders, teachers, parents, other adults - everyone who loves kids.

Reaching the world for Christ has long been the cry of the church. But, often we have lost sight of Jesus' command to “let the children come to Me” (Matt 19:14 ). Now, with over one-half the world under the age of 25, it is clear that, if we are to reach the world, we must reach youth. Yet, youth materials and programs are sparse in most countries.

Experience has shown that building youth ministry networks is the most effective way to leverage our resources. The need is for each nation to find leaders with a passion to reach every young person for Christ and then to equip them to network their ministries to become a movement of God's Spirit that multiplies worldwide.

International Sports Coalition

The massive resources of Africa's Youth and the dynamic tool of Sports working together constitute a significant contribution to finishing the task of World Evangelization by reaching countries and communities with the Gospel. AEA YSC has been able to reach these objectives through:

  • Communication. To communicate a culturally unique media through the youth & sports ministry.
  • Coordination. To coordinate strategic opportunities such as major sporting events.
  • Congregation. To congregate the body of Jesus Christ, the church and parachurch for cooperative efforts.
  • Cultivation. To cultivate the local Church's initiative in building up local church youth and Sports ministries, offering training and also equipping them.

Benefits of a Youth and Sports Ministry:
  1. Helps the Church accomplish her goals.
  2. Enhances other ministries.
  3. Provides a culturally relevant evangelism tool.
  4. Reaches unreached people.
  5. Creates an entry-level for service.
  6. Attracts and keeps young people upright.
  7. Opens opportunity for leadership training.
  8. Helps church missions efforts.
  9. Promotes body life.
  10. It is cost effective.